Thursday, 28 February 2008

Launched the Pinnacle

I have cold, again. No need to say any more about that. It has been frustrating, because I was desperate to try our the Pinnacle between here and the office. I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend that kind of money and not use the thing, not this time.

So, I had given up on the idea of going to the office as I felt miserable, so I tried to get some work done. That wasn’t working either, so I banged a DVD that came free this month with Cycling Monthly into the computer. It’s about preparation for a Sportive cycle event, and showed a group of (fit) guys doing the course that this years Etape de Tour covers. It wasn’t a long video, but it was eye opening. I thought, wholly shit, I need to start training for the ride in May, now. right now, cold or no cold.

I looked outside. It was sunny, but I knew it was windy, and a bit cold. I also knew that it is going to be very stormy, literally blowing a gale. So I thought, to hell with it, I’m going now. And I went. I took the new bike to Cumbernauld, which is straight west, and also straight into the teeth of the wind. It was hard work, but I liked the feel of the bike under me: not too different to the road bike, but a bit kinder over the bumps.

The way back was great, and fast enough that I decided to stay on the road the whole way, instead of using the canal path. Traffic was no bother at all. 43 minutes out and 27 minutes back, and the outward leg was a lot harder. Don’t you just love the wind?

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