Tuesday, 12 February 2008

What it Seventeen Thirteen?

The title above, although a little strange, is what kicked me into action on this, my final attempt to get fit. I could have called in 255, or even 114 but 17-13 has a nice rhyme to it. In case you haven’t guessed yet, all these numbers represent my weight: specifically, my weight on 14th January 2008. 17 stone 13 pounds, or 255 pounds, or 114 kilograms, whatever way you say it, it’s a lot, far too much.

Carrying so much weight stops me enjoying a lot of thing that interest me. I love cycling, both doing it myself and following the big events like the Tour de France. I’d love to join a club, and I intend too once I stand a chance of keeping up. I used to run, but at thirty nine, and carrying five stone of ballast, that would be a recipe for a heart attack. Actually, I’m not that unfit, just very heavy, and I’m not afraid of exercising hard. It just hurts much more than it should.

So what’s this blog all about? Well, primarily it’s a journal of my efforts to attain the holy grail of fitness. I want to do an Olympic distance triathlon, and do it well. I want to do the L'Etape du Tour, or some such event, and not struggle unduly. But most of all, I want exercise to be a fun, social part of my life, not a weapon in my desperate, loosing battle against weight gain.

So enough of that, time get started...

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David C said...

what..couldn't have posted at 17:13 instead of 17:18? :-)

Here's to your endevour.