Saturday, 16 February 2008

Oh dear…

Today is the worst day I’ve had since starting to loose weight. My weight has taken a huge jump upwards for some reason, on top of one earlier in the week that I hadn’t quite recovered from.

This is where the daily vs. weekly weigh in issue is tested. If after gaining 2 lb over Friday morning’s weight is going to make me give up, even temporarily, then I see the point of going weekly. But the thing is, despite being disappointed, I am close enough to the event to look for reasons. If I waited to Monday to find that I had made little (or reverse) progress, then I would think back, remember nothing particularly unusual and feel really bad. On top of that, I’d have to wait a further week to find out if the slippage was continuing.

No, daily is better. I am a bit fed up by this result, but I am not deterred by it. You see, I was drinking last night, not a lot, just a couple of beers and a couple of whiskeys, and I had already noticed that although I had been drinking quite a lot of water during the day, I wasn’t going to the toilet much at all. So in these terms, the jump is not so much of a shock. I have a big body, and in the grand scheme. 2 lb is less than a 1% variation. I don’t think for a moment that I laid down 2 lb of fat yesterday, so I’m not too distressed. Either this will work itself out of my system (literally) or I was dehydrated anyway and needed more liquids. I’ll keep to my regime and see what happens over the coming days.

The other factor in all this is of course exercise. I have exercised every day this week, and I am a somewhat tired and achy today. So I’m going to have today off, and possibly only go for a long walk tomorrow (I’ll see how I feel before deciding on that in the morning). One thing I am quite sure of is that exercise certainly complicates weight loss for me. I’m hungrier, which makes it harder to be strict about what I eat, and I drink a lot more, making the daily weigh in much more unpredictable. But so be it, you’ve got to drink as much as you need to; the day you start seeing water as a bad guy is the day you need to see a psychiatrist.

Today's weight: 17 stone 3.8 lb (241.8)

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